Monday, February 15, 2010

Office Nook Completion

I am so excited to finally have completed my office nook. This desk took so much longer than I ever imagined, but now that I see it...I'm so pleased!

Quick look at before

I asked my husband to build a box to "house" all the cords under the desk. I think it hides them quite well. I love not seeing all the craziness.

I love how it turned out!

Music to my Heart

Sometimes one comes across a resource that is brilliant. A resource, that I would spend time drooling over, if I did not have kids asking for breakfast. I will be back during nap time! I thought I would share so you can enjoy too. Be still my beating heart; a whole site dedicated to advancing one's obsession with having a spot for everything. And, not just a spot for everything, but a cute container that fits in that spot. Enjoy.

I'd love to hear what you are attracted too. What space do you love to organize?

I will leave you with some eye candy that will inspire you to organize!

{Pictures are from Better Homes and Garden Online}

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tip of the Day

When you are painting, using a roller, and need to take a break or are letting it dry and do not want to let the roller go to can put it in a bag (sandwich or grocery style...plastic) and stick it in the fridge. This will keep the paint from drying and it will be ready to go and paint some more when you are!

{Desk Reveal Coming Soon...}

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Changing the Look of Your Space Without $$

Today, especially, it is crucial to have creative, free ideas when desiring a new look. Just because there is a lack of funds for new design, does not mean there is a lack of desire for new design in any given space.
The following are quick, easy solutions to finding a new look:

1. Start with an empty space.
Often, for your mind to move past what the space has looked like, it may need to see the space literally cleaned out. If you want to drastically change a look or re-purpose a space, it will be worth the effort to clean it out. Make a list of what you desire for the space or what you must achieve in the space.

2. Bring things back, based on need, one piece at a time.
When moving items back in, only allow something to reenter if it fulfills a need that you have established for that room. If it is something that was previously in the space, try a new spot for it. Move all the big items first, before trying to accessorize. Once you have the furniture in place, you will get a feel for where the gaps are.

3. Shop in your own home.
We often lose sight of our own accessories or decorations if they have been in the same spot too long. When trying to achieve a new look, go shopping in a different room of your house. Finding a new location, for even just a couple things, can brighten up a space and bring new interest to loved items.

4. Less is more.
When designing a space, it does not always need to be filled. If you allow your color palette to speak to your design rather than objects doing all the decorating, you will find it easier to see a change in your room. Often, when you desire a change, you are simply needing more space. A rearrangement and de-cluttering is all you need.

5. Repurpose.
Decorating with objects that need to be in the space or finding a new design element to something basic in your home will provide a new look. Things like a glass, drink pitcher can look like an art piece or the simple framing of child's art or a special letter can provide new, sentimental design. Something like b00ks can provide height for a light fixture.

Bang For Your Buck:

If you have small funds and are looking for your biggest change, invest in color and or window treatments. Painting a new color on the walls can be as inexpensive as $25, but will transform the room's appearance. Curtains will soften windows and add design to any space, especially if color cannot be changed or added (like in a rental situation). A bold print can be used to liven up a space, while using a color similar to the wall will open up a space and add a visual interest through texture.

Know What You Want to Say...

  • Red-
    increases energy and enthusiasm
    generates excitement
    instills confidence
    associated with energizing organs, blood circulation, and the senses of hearing, smell, taste, vision and touch
    recommended as an accent since it’s intense
    might hurt a person’s ability to settle down or concentrate for extended periods
    an occasional bold stroke of it can encourage attention to detail

  • Orange-
    cheerful, bold, daring, spontaneous
    creates a sense of adventure
    encourages confidence and independence
    takes creativity and enthusiasm to new levels
    stimulates the lungs, respiration, and digestion
    reputed to increase milk production in new mothers and boost the appetite
    may elevate IQ as much as twelve points

  • Yellow-
    the most visible color
    sparks optimism, enlightenment, energy, creativity
    stimulates mental activity and memory
    said to encourage expression and communication
    believed to heighten mentality and strengthen muscles
    can assist in concentration, memorization, visualization skills, speaking, and writing
    some research showed babies cried more in yellow rooms
    other studies also found that couples argue most in yellow kitchens

  • Green-
    said to be the most refreshing color and the easiest on the eyes
    brings peace, rest, hope, comfort, balance, and harmony
    creates a sense of safety and security
    good for preemies or infants with gastroesophageal reflux syndrome
    strengthens and preserves eyesight
    alleviates depression, nervousness, and anxiety

  • Blue-
    perceived as a constant in our lives since it’s the color of the ocean and the sky
    soothing, calming, tranquil, peaceful
    may encourage individuals to be trustworthy, committed and dependable
    is used to help babies with respiratory distress syndrome
    decreases heart rate

  • Purple-
    a rich uplifting color
    provides a sense of calmness
    promotes inner strength
    inspires creativity and artistic talents
    is associated with respect and spirituality
    may calm a colicky baby and foster peaceful sleep
    provides a soothing effect on the ears, eyes, and nervous system

  • Pink-
    sweet, calming, innocent
    pink symbolizes youthfulness and softness
    it’s often associated with kindness
    said to heal sadness
    allows individuals to get in touch with their feelings

  • Brown-
    deep connection to the earth
    has natural and organic components
    is believed to afford a sense of stability and wholeness
    a very grounding color
    provides a feeling of order, reliability, and protection

  • Black-
    a submissive color
    makes a room appear smaller for a cozy, stabilizing feeling
    promotes a sense of bring grounded
    strengthens the ability to focus and gain a sense of self

  • White-
    a pure and joyous color
    symbolizes cleanliness and new beginnings
    aids in clear thinking and encourages clarity
    generates a sense of balance and harmony
    is associated with speedy healing
    a common color to treat depression

    {Ideas Found in Domino: The Book of Decorating}