Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old Refridgerator

Another item that my dearest friend Betsey had in the garage sale, that mysteriously made its way into my home, were 2 blue, metal drawers from an old refrigerator. SO cute! I love them.

I used one to organize all of my cleaning supplies underneath my sink. The other one is on my son's dresser holding his pacifiers and books. I only have a picture of underneath my sink because the other placement is in the room of a sleeping child...that's common knowledge, no matter how desperate you are for a cute blog do. NOT. disturb. a. sleeping. baby.


A Memory for Sophie

My mom gave me a picture a little bit ago that was hanging in my room when I was little. It's a precious print of a little girl rocking her baby.

I wanted it for my little girl's room, but I was not loving the frame. Enter a little yellow paint and my favorite wood stain. Now it's an antique looking frame for a little girl's room. I am so glad my daughter can enjoy this picture too.

I made the "happily ever after" sign a while ago for her room. It will hang beneath the picture, as soon as my hubby comes home to help me!

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Let's "Chunk" the framing up...

I had this picture framed in my room, just leaning against the wall, but it was missing something. I have a fascination with this picture. It's not completely my style, but I still love it. Mostly in part because I got it at the Dollar Tree. Yes, you did read that right. I found this picture (which is a poster) at my local store and paid $1 for it. I brought my prize home and it fit perfectly into a frame I already had. I spray painted the frame and attached the brown ribbon.

(This was all about a year ago)

Then...we had a garage sale last weekend. And my dearest friend Betsey did it with me. And she brought way too many really cute items to sell. And a good portion of them ended up in my house. I don't think my husband is going to let me have garage sales with her anymore.

Enter the old chunky window frame with amazing, original patina.

I hung the window frame on the wall and tied the ribbon around the top, centering the picture in the middle of it. Now it looks like a custom art piece. No one would suspect that I paid $6+ a few things on hand for it!

It's a fun addition while I try to add some splashes of yellow (the honey tone) into my room.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Chair Project

So, the garage sale went well and somehow it's now Wednesday night...and my garage still looks like I could open it up and have a sale this coming weekend. That. is. not. good.

Oh well. When I should have been cleaning it up, I did a project instead! I got this chair at a garage sale a couple of years ago for FREE. And it was ugly wood...perfect for projects!

I painted it yellow then with a small can of oops paint I also scored for FREE!

I just took a piece of extra rough sandpaper to the edges and sanded until I didn't want to. Then I stenciled a "K" for our last name on the seat. After that paint was mostly dry, I covered the entire chair in Minwax furniture polish. It aged it perfectly. I believe it the "provential" shade.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garage Sale Weekend

I am having a garage sale this both my mind and my garage are currently filled with way too much stuff!!

I'll be back on Monday with some projects and sale finds! I'm excited. Bare with me.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Giveaway

All Things Pink and Crafty is an adorable blog I just found through Traci at Beneath My Heart! I am excited for when I have more time to check out all her fine work. I encourage you, not only because there is an amazing giveaway, to go check out her blog, grab a button, and enjoy! I love finding new people and their amazing ideas!

Have a great weekend and go check out the blog!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lamp Update

My parents have had this lamp for as long as I can remember:

It's been in my mom's family a long time, so it's beautiful and special. It's also in need of an update! My parents were remodeling and gave it to me. I love the base. I've seen a lot like it in stores lately, but this lamp is a lot more long-lasting than what you would find at a local store these days. It is also sentimental.

I decided if it had a new shade; it would look refreshed and ready to be placed! I got the shade at Goodwill. It was $5, but it was the right color I paid $2.50!! Such a deal. I got the fabric at Joanne's. It was $7.99 a yard, but I had a 40% off coupon, thus making it about $4.80 for a yard. With a little work, spray adhesive, hot glue gun, my dear friend Aimee. She helped me make the pattern and spray the shade to adhere the fabric (it takes lots of hands and laughs).

For about $7, I have a whole new lamp with lots of meaning! I'm so pleased with how it looks and fits into the room!

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Transformation Thursday

Mantel Redecorated

My living room mantel was begging for a new look, so I went shopping in the rest of my house and honored it's request! I love how it turned out; it feels springy and fresh. A good feeling with all the sunshine we've been having!

{I wrote "welcome" with the new chalk ink I ordered, information here...I really love how they work. Please don't hesitate to ask if you want to know how I did something or where I shopped for one of my items}

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Totally unrelated to design...unless you think about designing your hair! I would love to win one of these and have a few minutes to pamper and not feel like such a mommy!

Enter at Just A Girl!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I am inspired by beautiful spaces. I think this is why I look at each of my magazines until they're completely worn out, by the time the next issue comes. I love "tablescaping" because it is a decorating element that invites you into the space and delights your spirit. It makes me feel like something special is about to happen and if someone stops by, it makes them feel like I was hoping they would come.
The element of real living in these sophisticated settings is that you "scape" with everyday items.
The following pictures are from my home because I staged it today for our open house. At least when the open house failed, I still had my pretty tables!

To show you how attainable this can be, I'll tell you where I found my items and the prices. I am telling you...anyone with any budget can live in sophisticated settings!

My Outdoor Oasis:

Table: A "gift" from someone who moved and didn't want to move it! (Free. The edge of the table was a faded green around the glass and the legs. We sprayed it black for new life!)

Chairs: Walmart last summer ($20 ea)

Place mats: Pier 1 Imports almost 4 years ago (Free for a wedding present, but they were $5 ea)

Plates: Winco (that's right...Winco, as in the grocery outlet store) 2 winters ago ($0.48 ea)

Napkins: Fred Meyer in the outdoor section ($1.99 for package of 50 and I already needed them for my son's birthday party!)

Lanterns: Fred Meyer in the outdoor section ($3.99 ea)

Rug: last summer ($199 and free shipping. This rug is in many stores for over $300)

Lemons/Limes: Albertsons Grocery Store ($12 including the ones inside too. I will also use these for marinades and in my water)

Candlestick: Garage Sale ($1 and I sprayed it red)

Vase: Pier 1 Imports (Free for Wedding present, but it was $15)

Container for Napkins: Winco last summer ($2)

Water vase (red pitcher): Costco ($20)

Candle Sticks: Home Goods ($11 and $14 on clearance)

As you can see it just takes a little creativity and the willingness to hunt down good deals and use "collections" that come from different seasons and different years.

Interior Nature:

Table: Craiglist

Place mats: Pier 1 Imports (Free for Wedding present, but they were $3.99 ea)

Plates: Target (Free for Wedding present, but they were $30 for a 4 place set. I used the dessert plates from this set outside with my Winco dishes)

Napkins: Fred Meyer in the outdoor section ($1.99 for package of 50 and I already needed them for my son's birthday party!)

Lemons/Limes: Albertsons Grocery Store ($12 including the ones outside too. I will also use these for marinades and in my water)

Mason Jars: Loved Ones (Free because I saved them from gifts of canned goods)

Silver Platter (Also a chalkboard): Goodwill ($1.99 on 1/2 off day)

Topiary: Goodwill ($4.99. I fixed it and painted the base)

LED Candle: Birthday present (Target)

White Cups: Target ($2.99 ea)

Willow Balls: Pier 1 Imports ($1.99 ea)

Wow. I know that was a lot of information. You can breathe now! Hopefully that will jog your memory as to what you have tucked away in those closets. There are amazing variety to what can be paired together in design. You can go with one color (like the interior green theme) or you can pull in variety (like the bright outdoor space). You can go. You can love where you live. You can feel at home where you are.

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