Monday, March 29, 2010

Brick Bookends

I wanted to put some of my son's books on his dresser but I wanted to make sure any bookends I used would not visually fight with his decor. Then I remembered we have quite a bit of old brick by the side of our home...visually perfect and free!

I cleaned the brick up
Hot glued the cloth to the base, so it wouldn't scratch his dresser
Had free bookends

Enjoy Your Monday!!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


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Saturday Project

Yesterday, we did head out to Bring Recycling, as a family. We "found some treasures," but that project will have to wait for another day. I do not have all the pieces yet, and if I'm really trying to reproduce something for cheap...I have to be patient!

Seeing as that would have to wait, I took a trip over to G.W. (Goodwill) during nap time. I found these pictures


Special, I know...but if you are going to change an item completely, it's best if it's hideous, I mean special, beforehand. It just makes for better pictures that way! These 2 pictures were the perfect size frames and they were an additional 25% off their already cheap price!

Now, to the project. I was on Layla's (The Lettered Cottage) blog the other day, and was super inspired by her double-framed chalkboard. Check it out here. I had to make one of my own.

I'm in love with my outcome!

I gutted the frames.
Put a piece of plywood in the large frame.
Painted a square of chalkboard paint and topped it with the smaller frame that is raised.
I sanded the edges to "age" it.
Now, it's going to wait 3 days (per the paint instructions) to be seasoned with chalk and used!! Which means, I have 3 days to find the perfect spot for it because it wasn't just an inch too big to be on my mantel, like I originally, I would not do that!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Look for some fun Dollar Tree transformations to come later this week!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project Saturday

I hope everyone has plans for a great weekend! Come up with a short list of realistic expectations. You will feel like you accomplished such a great feat, if you are realistic with your time. Even if it is one project or just one area to organize...having it accomplished will enable you to enjoy your weekend and start your week feeling like a refreshed champ!

I myself am planning to scheme as I enjoy the paint color fan-decks that just came from Pottery Barn. I love when that big brown truck is pulling up to my house! Thanks Mr. UPS. I also have amazing plans for my sister's birthday present, but the day isn't for a couple of no reveal yet.

Maybe a trip to Bring Recycling if I can inspire the hubby!

Go, enjoy your Saturday, and be inspired for something great!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Your Outdoor Space

Now is the time to begin planning. What do you desire as the days get longer and the temperature gauge rises? I love being outside and the designer in me loves having another space open up to decorate!

5 Tips to Building an Outdoor Living Room

1. Define your environment. This can be accomplished by creating an "opening" with plants or simply laying down a rug to define the area you are working with.

2. Do not substitute plush/beauty for practicality. You can have both. Now days, you can find beautiful design and prints for your fabrics and accessories in outdoor materials or paint. You can have beautiful cushions and accessories outside without fearing their demise.

3. Don't forget lighting. Just like indoors, lighting is a necessity to enjoy the space for any length of time and it also provides intimacy and ambiance. There are a variety of options for your outdoor space from candles to lamps to hanging sconces, chandeliers, and lanterns.

4. Set the style. From your accessories to your "tablescaping," you will want to coordinate your style for a complete setting. Don't forget to set your table or bar for a finished look.

5. Use Your resources. Make it easy and decorate with your surroundings. Enjoy the foliage in season. Collect a unique array of vases to display your flowers and greenery that is in bloom. It will warm your space with a readiness for any upcoming event.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tip of the Day

When cleaning your house, start by pulling back the drapes and cracking open a window. If the weather is beautiful, like it is at my house today, open a few. The natural light and fresh air will energize you and lift your spirits. When you feel refreshed, you can accomplish more in your day and fall in love with your home once more!

Then if you have to run errands or play will be more excited to come in again and when you finally finish your day, you can truly rest.

It always feels better to reside in a clean environment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's the challenge scoop...

Here is the facts about the "HomeGoods Happy Spring Challenge:"

Starting this Monday, March 22nd

HomeGoods wants US to participate in their Happy Spring Challenge
6 spring challenges that will be held each week for the next six weeks.
They are giving away some awesome prizes, including products and a $100 HomeGoods certificate each week!!!!!!!!

What YOU need to know

1. Each Monday morning for the next 6 weeks, HomeGoods will announce a brand new, Spring Trend that Makes Us Happy, challenge at their OpenHouse Blog, Facebook and on Twitter.

2. To participate, visit HomeGoods each Monday at either their Openhouse Blog, or on Facebook or on Twitter to discover the topic for that week’s Spring Home Fashion Trend.

3. You will have all that week, until Friday at 5PM, to submit photos showing your “take” on that week’s Spring Trend. Just submit your photos via HomeGoods Openhouse Blog, Facebook or Twitter. The winner for that week will be announced on the following Monday.

{Your submission can be a picture from your home, a product, a mood board, fabric you think represents the trend...really anything you wish…be creative!}

TO enter additional giveaways and get the full scoop, check out a few of the awesome ladies who are judging!! Enjoy their blogs and get more information on winning...Thrifty Decor Chick, The Inspired Room, and Between the Naps on the Porch (You can read more about this blog on the previous posting right before this)!

Giveaway and BIG Home Good's Surprise!

Just go ahead and click on the button link above...At "Between the Naps on the Porch," they are having a fantastic giveaway for a Home Goods Gift Card! Yes please!! If you check out the blog, there is much more information that will excite you. Go...hurry...right now!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Joining in Some Mantel Inspiration

I have chosen to join in the Mantel Mania fun that Layla, from Lettered Cottage, is talking about in her recent posts. Her button link in on the side of my page. I love her blog, and would love to try a lot of her another time and house! Here is my corner mantel that brings such trouble in decorating and such joy in completing a "look." Hope you can enjoy the pictures and can find inspiration for your mantel. Hop on over to her page and find even more pictures.

Previous Mantel Decor:

Here is my updated Springtime Mantel:

I am a big fan in rotating decor and giving it a new purpose. It refreshes your space, allows you to enjoy a new look, and does not cost anything. Sometimes you will need a new item to complete the transformation, but it will not cost you near the same as if you replaced every piece.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Do You Need a Consultation?

I just finished a design consultation and I thought I would share what exactly you get when you set up a consultation with me. On the side of my page it states that you can schedule to have a detailed room consultation for $30 an hour. Follow this link and you can view the notes I put together for you afterward. This is the one I just sent off to the client. Each set of notes is specific to you and the rooms we have discussed when I meet with you. If you are not in the area, you can e-mail pictures of the space and we can talk over the phone or by e-mail together.

If you want assistance turning these suggestions into reality, I can do that as well.

I look forward to working with you and helping you fall in love with your home!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


As I'm busy working on some upcoming project reveals and getting ready for a design consultation, I wanted to let you know about a fantastic giveaway.

I have to always wipe a little drool while I look at vinyl wall decals. I'm always attracted when I see giveaways as I always would like an opportunity to add one in my home...

Hop on over to Traci's blog, with this button link, and you can enjoy one of my favorite blogs and sign up for a giveaway! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Worth Your Time

Click on this button and prepare to not only enjoy a great blog, but today you can also enter over 20 giveaways as it is Giveaway Day on Nesting Place!! We were not asked to link back or promote on our blogs, I just think giveaways are so fun and it's a great blog to enjoy! Have fun and maybe win some great pieces to inspire your home!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Want to Join In?

I love Traci's blog and I'm so excited to get ready and join in the fun! Stay tuned for the fun, and maybe even get something ready yourself to link up! You can click on the button to hop over to her blog for all the details!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mood Board

As we've had a few days to taste warmer weather, my inspiration came to develop my dream outdoor space. The budget is beyond what I would normally work with, but this is just for fun. It can, of course, be modified to fit a real budget. Here's to warmer days, longer nights, and many memories amongst friends!

My inspiration began with the Andalusia Rug from West Elm, in Horizon. (9'x12' for $649)
As you lay that down, your space is created. No matter what you are working with outdoors, your inspired living has begun in that rectangle. You can and you will fall in love with your outdoor oasis.

I then set up my Riviera Sectional from Pottery Barn, in Stone. (4-piece for $2,092)
I chose the stone colored cushions so I could launch my color use with accents rather than furniture. I may choose a different color pallet in future seasons. This is a contemporary piece that has a depth of warmth because of the inviting cushions.

I also added the matching armless chair. ($349)
I do not always "match" furniture when creating a space. However, this was a great neutral find that still had personality. I will bring other visual interest in by mixing some other furniture and side tables.

In front of the sectional, I would place 2 of the Pottery Barn Capri Coffee Cubes ($299 each). By adding the element of wicker, with this piece, you have the interest of a different texture than the sectional. It is the same rich espresso color, so it does not create a visual conflict.

Topping the sectional and chair, I chose to bring color in by using Sadie Outdoor Pillows and Sunbrella Outdoor Pillows (in Peridot) from Pottery Barn ($32-49 each). I love the yellow from the West Elm rug. As that is grounding our space, it is a launching pad fro color. I will bring in several colors to add life by pulling from the Sadie Pillow pallet. The floral design will give us options.

Off to the side, I added the Portofino 3 piece Bistro Set. It's from Costco Online ($99). This will add functionality in a classy way and enable an eating area on those warm evenings! It is in the same dark espresso as our furniture.

Now to accessorizing!!

I chose to use 2 Gothic Lanterns from Pottery Barn ($269 each). The lines of this piece seemed to mimic the design in our inspiration West Elm Rug. By remembering the design of the grounding element in our room, and repeating it above, it will bring continuity to the space.

There is also the Bristol Floor Lamp from Costco Online ($259).

Flanking either side of the sectional are 2 side tables. The Martini Side Table in Persimmon ($129) and the Rustic Block Side Table in Chocolate ($99) from West Elm add surface and visual interest. By not matching exactly, they add an artistic flare without fighting.

The romance element will be brought in by the candlelight. Contained by the Recycled Glass ($19-39 each) are pillar candles in Pomegranate Quince,Lapsang Tea, and Rosemary. These are West Elm $6 each.

I also displayed candles in the Chloe Lanterns ($65) from Pottery Barn.

While this space is expensive, you can take one idea or multiple for your area. Even just changing up some pillows or adding a few candles can refresh you.

As this was my first time participating...I hope you enjoyed it! Please enjoy all the other participators and a BIG thanks to Sarah for hosting! Check out her blog and enjoy; it's one of my fav's!

This is linking up to Pewter+Sage Mood Board Monday!