Monday, January 18, 2010

Portfolio #1: Kintigh Home

I will begin by showcasing (paint selection, furniture choices/arrangement, decor ideas, etc.) our home, room by room. My husband and I have gutted, remodeled, and decorated our entire home together. While construction is not on the service list :-), you can see how I have designed our home, following each remodel. Each room will have a design point, that will hopefully help you as you apply these suggestions into your home situation.

Living Room:
Point: Pick a main color and coordinating colors. Although, I have decorated with red, there are also many elements in browns and yellows that coordinate. Patterns can be used to add visual interest, if done carefully and in small doses. Decor can become a "set" when paired together in color or size groupings. Groupings should be odd numbers (i.e. 3 or 5 items). There should be space, when walking into a room, to enter without scooting around large items. Area rugs add color and help to warm up a space.

Dining Room:
Point: When choosing a table for your room, give enough space to walk around the table. Decorate with simplicity as you will always be bringing a variety of natural elements in, with your meals. If using candles to add ambiance, choose ones that are fragrance free as to no fight with your food scents.

Point: Wall color can add excitement into a space without taking up precious prep space. Using warm and similar-blend colors for elements such a counter, tile, and cabinetry will visually give you more room. If you want to update your kitchen without replacing cabinets, hardware is an inexpensive and quick way to change the look. Use a contrasting dark color on your flooring to your cabinets in order to draw your eye upward into the main space. Carry the wall color through your spaces, when connected, to allow your eye to travel while preventing a chopped space.

Master Bedroom:
Point: Colors such as greens or blues are suggested to bring a calming effect to your places of rest. While accenting colors with your decor will add interest and depth to the space. Curtains will frame your windows adding softness to the space. When choosing things, such as pillows, select odd numbers and similar (not the same) patterns to create symmetry. Keeping a cleaned off dresser will give yourself breathing room to maximize the feel of the space. When choosing decor, especially in a bedroom, go for items that add beauty to practicality. If you know you need a watch or wallet on your dresser, place them on a fancy tray or in a basket. Matting a special picture will add an artistic element.

Child's Room:
Point: Tone on tone strips will add interest without causing a distraction. Decorating with things you already have will add sentiment while working with a budget. In order to add a unique element, find childlike storage in a baby stroller or trunk rather than a typical basket or drawer.

Point: When trying to minimize what goes on the wall, use a bold print in your curtain to act as draperies and art. Frame coordinating fabric for inexpensive art. Design smart...a rocking chair is a cozy element that can be removed as the baby grows for more space and a regular dresser can act as a changing table without another piece of furniture taking up precious space. Use elements that will grow with the baby.

Toy Room/Family Room:
Point: You don't have to have a youthful space just because you need to have toys present. Matching baskets or a storage ottoman can provide functional storage while still being attractive. Pairing same-colored items on a shelf can contribute to design and warm up a space. Using cotton curtains in a darker color will allow you to not stress if child finger's find them...they hide use and are washable. Make your space pretty and functional so you can enjoy it along with your child. If flooring is carpet, choose a speckled design or a stain-fighting fiber blend that will tolerate high traffic.

Point: When working with a small space, such as a bathroom, enjoy a vibrant color with deep contrasting cabinets/counters. Framing mirrors will allow for an artistic take on something that must be in the space. Decorating with items that you need (such as washcloths on a decorative tray) will decrease clutter and help keep the space visually clean. As much as possible, stay with the same finish on your faucets, shower hooks, knobs, etc. Feel free to use spray paint to update a look without having a greater expense.

Point: What is indoors can be carried outdoors to your living space. Things such as furniture, lighting, rugs, etc. will allow you to warm up a space and make it attractive. Decorate with fresh flowers or vases of fruit and water.

Main Point: There are inexpensive and quick ways to update and enjoy your home in a new way. Sometimes a room just needs a quick de-clutter and rearrangement! Beyond that, it is easy to rotate decor or switch its placement in your home. Paint and curtains will transform a room in an afternoon.

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  1. Beautiful Anna! You did a great job. You should come finish my home for me! (You think I'm joking!)


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