Monday, November 29, 2010

Incorporating Family Traditions Into Your Home's Atmosphere

As I began preparing for Christmas this year, I have to slow myself down. It becomes so easy, when decorating, to pull everything out quickly. To know where it looks good. To hurry the process along and move onto the next item on your list. It seems especially rushed this year because we are in a new home and I'm still trying to decide on everything while balancing my small children. They are so busy and into changes how you're able to decorate! Oh how I remember the days I didn't have to factor "reaching fingers" into my placement of breakables!

I want to avoid that pitfall this season. I want to slow down and remember traditions. Remember people. Remember what Christmas is really about. Sure, I have my bins of decorations ready. But as I take out each item, I want to show my children where they come from. What they mean to our family. Why I want them to know. To remember. Decorations are beautiful but if they are tied with memories, they become treasures. In today's world, we need treasures. We need things to mean something because we're all on a budget and cannot always go out and buy new decorations. We need to find value and joy in what we have and who we are with!

This season, Shutterfly, is aiding us in the process of our traditions becoming treasures. They are providing 50 free cards for writing about their promotion on your blog! Now, these are beautiful, quality, stationary-like greeting cards! The tradition of sending cards has become my favorite over the years. As a little girl, I remember my mom writing a letter every year and picking pictures of what we had done. Now, I know what a feat that is! It's almost impossible to pick out a picture where everyone is behaving, looking joyful, even looking at the camera at all! Haha. As I look at their selection, I do believe they could make any family picture look presentable! One of my favorites that I may use is their ""It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year">The Most Wonderful Time of Year" selection. It's a classic look but also has room for 1 photo. Like I mentioned, I have young children. One happy picture is a Christmas miracle!!

I love sending our cards out and I love receiving them! It always amazes me how much changes in a year and how much kids and families grow! Each one we receive helps me remember how God has been so faithful. When I was little, my sister and I would sit with the stack of cards and talk about the friends. We'd read letters as a family, praying for the people. And, of course, we always had certain cards we looked forward to! I remember hoping when I was little that one day I could send out cards like the ones that Shutterfly offers.

If you and yours are interested in more than Christmas cards this season, Shutterfly also is a great place to shop for your personalized photo calendars or your holiday party invitations! They provide quality you will delight in, making every event special throughout the year.

Check out all the promotion details here.

However you choose to capture your memories and traditions, enjoy the season. Choose to slow down and remember what is important. Teach your children. Find inspiration and bring it into your home.

Have a blessed holiday season. I will be back with some Christmas decor with the next post!!

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