Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Man's Bedding Collection: Know When to Splurge and When to Save

I've been working on his room for a while now, knowing the look I wanted, but also knowing that it would not be achieved with a bed-in-a-bag.

His frame came from a thrift store and it's solid! After cleaning it up, it's in fantastic shape. I paid $50 for the entire frame.

I have 3 sheet sets for his bed. Staying with the greens or browns. The striped set (on his bed in the picture) is my favorite! I found that Ross is a great place to get sheet sets for cheap! They're not amazing quality, and you won't find me sleeping on them, but for a child they work great!

The two Euro shams are from Ikea. It was a set that came with a queen size coverlet that I currently have on my bed. They are a quilted material that's super thick and the perfect masculine touch I was looking for.

The brown pillow was from Target several years back for $4.99 (clearance) and I think it's been on every bed in our house at one point.

The burlap pillow was made for me by a friend using burlap from JoAnne's and a pillow form I already had.

Now for the splurge...the only thing in his room that was new (besides his dresser) when it came into our house. Like I said, his room has taken a while to piece together! His quilt and dinosaur sham are from Pottery Barn Kids.

I have my reasons.

1. He is very hard on things. I needed a thick comforter that was quality enough to stand up to him. That I could wash. That was dark to hide stains. That was neutral enough to grow with him.

2. It's very hard to find cute boy bedding.

3. I wanted it to lay nicely on the bed and look quality. So sometimes that means that you have to buy quality.

4. I had been very thrifty with the rest of his room and this was worth it.

5. I used my own birthday money...oh yes, I did.

I like that his bedding is not from an entire set. I like that it's pieced together for a specific look. It is all boy and it still fits into my design plan.

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