Thursday, March 31, 2011

House Update!

We've been so thankful for the past few days of clear skies. They're making great progress on our house! We even got to enjoy the big trucks while they poured the foundation. The kids really enjoyed this part! Even going as far as to yell at the workers "You are building my house...I am moving when it's sunny!" Thankfully, for everyone, they couldn't hear them above the loud equipment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our New House: Coming Summer of 2011

We have our permits and the next step is excavation and foundation! We're currently right on track for our June finish.

I am looking forward to updating along the way! And of course, chat about the design choices!

Little Man's Bedding Collection: Know When to Splurge and When to Save

I've been working on his room for a while now, knowing the look I wanted, but also knowing that it would not be achieved with a bed-in-a-bag.

His frame came from a thrift store and it's solid! After cleaning it up, it's in fantastic shape. I paid $50 for the entire frame.

I have 3 sheet sets for his bed. Staying with the greens or browns. The striped set (on his bed in the picture) is my favorite! I found that Ross is a great place to get sheet sets for cheap! They're not amazing quality, and you won't find me sleeping on them, but for a child they work great!

The two Euro shams are from Ikea. It was a set that came with a queen size coverlet that I currently have on my bed. They are a quilted material that's super thick and the perfect masculine touch I was looking for.

The brown pillow was from Target several years back for $4.99 (clearance) and I think it's been on every bed in our house at one point.

The burlap pillow was made for me by a friend using burlap from JoAnne's and a pillow form I already had.

Now for the splurge...the only thing in his room that was new (besides his dresser) when it came into our house. Like I said, his room has taken a while to piece together! His quilt and dinosaur sham are from Pottery Barn Kids.

I have my reasons.

1. He is very hard on things. I needed a thick comforter that was quality enough to stand up to him. That I could wash. That was dark to hide stains. That was neutral enough to grow with him.

2. It's very hard to find cute boy bedding.

3. I wanted it to lay nicely on the bed and look quality. So sometimes that means that you have to buy quality.

4. I had been very thrifty with the rest of his room and this was worth it.

5. I used my own birthday money...oh yes, I did.

I like that his bedding is not from an entire set. I like that it's pieced together for a specific look. It is all boy and it still fits into my design plan.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Kitchen Faucet

This beautiful thing is the American Standard (4332.300.002)Pull Down Kitchen Faucet with Lever Handle, in case you feel the need to introduce yourself.

It's new to the market and beautiful in all it's streamlined goodness and polished chrome intrigue.

I knew it was perfect for my house based on the following:

1. It matched my appliances

2. It was one hole (and would greatly minimize sink mildew that tends to creep around each hole, even in the cleanest homes)

3. My husband likes the pull-out sprayer; I like that you can't tell it's a pull-out faucet

4. It's from a quality company and it will look good for years to come.

We chose to purchase from a local company, but there are many sites online that have great selection to choose from.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


My husband and I are currently having a home built. I get to choose all the finishes and I am LOVING it.

Currently kitchens are on my mind. More specifically, the concept of open shelving. Generally speaking I cannot stand anything to be cluttered. Especially, my design. Open shelving has a bad reputation. It conjures up images of clutter and distraction.

However. I have found there are redeeming images. There are ways to do it gracefully.

1. Common color theme.

In my opinion, it looks more organized and clean when there is color matching or organization on the shelves. It lets the flow of the room continue unhindered.

2. Purposeful Placement.

Keep track of what you have displayed. If open shelving is in a kitchen, the items should be in use. Schedule a regular time to clean the shelves off and remove items no longer used or ones that may have become stained or chipped. Common items that are used in open shelving design are plates, glasses, pitchers.

3. Specific Task.

Besides liking the design element, it will assist in streamlining your open shelving appearance, if you assign a specific function to your shelf. Such as, plates.

Images taken from Better Homes and Gardens Online.

As we walk through this home building experience, I look forward to sharing my design choices (and reasoning behind the selections) with you!

Pillow Design and Faucets coming soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Master Bedroom

We're one step closer. It's not finished but it's getting there. Most of my decorating efforts are for the rest of the house, because that is the room most people will see. However, I feel like I've been ignoring my room way too long.

Over Christmas, my husband bought me a new bedside lamp! It literally was to replace a broken one we'd been using. Yes, I said broken! I would never have let another room get away with that kind of offense.

So here is the room at night...a work in progress. The sign is one I made after I saw it on Flower Patch Farmgirl's site. Love her!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cute Alert!!

Shannon at Bless Our Nest just mentioned this on her blog... Sarah+Abraham. It's adorable! I checked it out. They would be perfect for gifts or fun things for your family!

I am looking forward to checking out some personalized options for my family! I loved the water bottles and notepads.

Photos from Sarah+Abraham's site

Bedside Table

Yes, I know. It's March. But, it did snow last week...does that excuse the fact that my last post was for Christmas?!

In my defense though...this little man makes it very hard to sit and post. He also makes it very hard to finish a project to post about!

But this little man also inspired this recent project! He needed a bedside table. Yes, sippy cups, board books, and flashlights need their place! So, maybe his Mama thought his room needed a bedside table!

I did not want to spend money. I did not want to search for the perfect thing.

I did want it to be cute. And easy.

When I was cleaning his room the other day, his suitcase caught my eye. I bought it when he was born for a room decoration. It just sits doing nothing on his dresser. But I realized it was the perfect size for beside his bed. He can store treasures and hide treasures! I painted some legs that I had on hand. The base board is just stained plywood. It's actually the perfect size for a basket. Enjoy!

I may eventually add some casters to the bottom, but I just finished and I was too excited not to post it!

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