Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day #3...Project #3. Junk Drawer.

I hope it's not terribly abnormal that I needed the incentive of a blog challenge to assist in the cleaning out of my kitchen junk drawer. But, I did.

Pretty straight forward. Dirty drawer emptied. 3 piles for stuff: Put back in drawer, throw away, and put away in real spot. Shocking that the biggest pile was throw away when the drawer is located right next to the cupboard with the garbage can. Really?!

This is proof that the little projects in a home, when completed, can refresh your spirit and allow you to feel a sense of achievement. Even though most people never saw the cluttered drawer, my kitchen feels so much cleaner without the knowledge of the drawer's mess lingering in my head.

The cupboard below the drawer also got cleaned out. I relocated the items into other cupboards and filled it with toys instead. It is a 2 door cupboard that I have not found a successful child-lock for. Rather than getting upset about it, when my son would open the doors and play...I put his stuff in there. Not surprising that the cupboard lost its appeal. Maybe someday I'll sneak my stuff back!

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