Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern Bird Studio

A little bit ago, I won a giveaway from Just A Girl!! It is so exciting to win anything, but when it's an amazing prize, it's even better. I was beside myself to walk through the Modern Bird Studio experience. When I call it an "experience," I'm not exaggerating. Each step in deciding,choosing, and seeing your unique piece is so fun and memorable!

Gregg and Megan Deal are very nice people and after the e-mails back and forth with Megan...I'm pretty sure we're friends :-) They are extremely generous with their talents and I feel privileged and honored to have one of their pieces in my home. They work very hard to guarantee you are pleased with the final product.

I chose a wedding photo and selected the combination of yellow creme and buckeye brown. It's perfect in my room. I'm just so pleased with it...I can't even fully describe how fun it is to have a completely unique piece of artwork.

As I'm just starting out, I can't say that it's worth much to feature Modern Bird Studio on my blog, but it's the least I can do to say thank you! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please check out their fabulous site and look into getting your memories put into timeless works of art!!

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