Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Sometimes we don't see situations for the blessing they are intended to be. Often the biggest blessings come in the disguise of the biggest frustrations. I wonder if this is the way Mary felt when she heard of the census order?

How dare Caesar Augustus order a census the same time her baby was due. The logistics of this were all wrong. She was young, scared, and very pregnant. She would be away from all she knew. Away from her family. Traveling the worst possible time. To a little town that would be very crowded.

Every new mother wants her baby to have their time. Their welcoming. Their own place. I wonder if Mary felt like all of that would be lost in the midst of their traveling. In the midst of everyone's distractions.

God knew differently. He knew His plan. His time. His welcoming. God knew that His place for Jesus was going to be in a manger with two ordinary people that were going to welcome and raise the Son of God. Talk about the ultimate way to disguise a blessing!! A blessing that would change eternity!

This blessing was "good news of a great joy that will be for ALL the people." This blessing was worthy of the appearance of a multitude of Heavenly Hosts...singing in the sky!

Even if it did not start out the way Mary had planned, she was able to treasure up all of these things in her heart. Her baby boy; they called Him Jesus.

This blessing that took place so long ago is still very much our blessing today. A great joy for ALL people. An opportunity for us to experience life forevermore.

Glory to God in the Highest...truly a merry Christmas to all.

The Kintigh Family
If you are looking for the whole Christmas story, read Luke 2:1-21 in the Holy Bible.

We at Bananas and Damask Interiors will be back on January 1st with fresh, new year inspirations!!

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