Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love molding and it is a fairly inexpensive way to create custom art. I have a molding focal wall in my family room!

I painted a section with the darker color on the same color card that I used for the wall's color.

I then outlined and measured for the molding squares.

In the center are two candle sconces that have been in almost every room in my house. I got them several years ago at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They were on clearance and originally black!

The green toy storage you see with the baskets was a section of old cabinets in our kitchen. When we remodeled the kitchen we added molding and painted it. I got the baskets at Ikea.

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  1. cute!!!! Can you come and do my house next please!!!!!

    ~Goodnight moon!

  2. Hi! Do me a favor. Go to your settings and make it so your email is attached to your comments. That way when you leave me a comment I can respond back! :)

  3. Wow, it looks great! I love a good focal point, and molding just makes things look more.. fancy?!

    Happy Friday!


  4. It's amazing what some bravery, some skill, and some molding will do! It's gorgeous!


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