Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Day

As my little lady gets older and is able to do more in her day, I want to have a plan. I want to make sure she is achieving the appropriate milestones for her age. With my good intentions, often comes fatigue from the night before or distractions from the younger brother or a forgetfulness that I blame on previous pregnancies!

I love charts but was never able to find what I wanted...until I found an old wooden frame at G.W. I just sanded it and polished it with a little wood stain. I then painted a board with chalkboard paint (my project "go-to"). With my paint pen, I made a chart with each activity/chore I wanted her to accomplish in a day. A schedule of sorts. She has the satisfaction of checking things off. I have a reminder of things I'd like to help her learn. We have a more productive day!

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  1. Nice idea. I think kids love to see the progress they are making, and enjoy checking off things.

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  2. I do like it! What a clever idea. I'm sure your daughter finds it useful throughout her day. Thanks for sharing. :)


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