Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lamp Update

My parents have had this lamp for as long as I can remember:

It's been in my mom's family a long time, so it's beautiful and special. It's also in need of an update! My parents were remodeling and gave it to me. I love the base. I've seen a lot like it in stores lately, but this lamp is a lot more long-lasting than what you would find at a local store these days. It is also sentimental.

I decided if it had a new shade; it would look refreshed and ready to be placed! I got the shade at Goodwill. It was $5, but it was the right color I paid $2.50!! Such a deal. I got the fabric at Joanne's. It was $7.99 a yard, but I had a 40% off coupon, thus making it about $4.80 for a yard. With a little work, spray adhesive, hot glue gun, my dear friend Aimee. She helped me make the pattern and spray the shade to adhere the fabric (it takes lots of hands and laughs).

For about $7, I have a whole new lamp with lots of meaning! I'm so pleased with how it looks and fits into the room!

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  1. I absolutely love that shad and base, you did a fantastic job...that is so my style!

  2. Wow what a fabulous transformation. I adore the gorgeous fabric you used..simply beautiful! Great job! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  3. Amazing what just a lamp shade change can do. Great find for $2.50!!!

  4. I love it all-the lamp, the fabric(may have to go get some 'o that to make some bags :)) but I must tell you Id have a heart attack if that little stand tipped over and broke your special lamp. Sorry, I just had to share! Its so beautiful I cant imagine it breaking.
    Great job!


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